Shave for the Brave facts:

  • Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) is a charity dedicated to building a community that provides information, support, skills, and opportunities for young adults dealing with cancer between the ages of 15 and 39.
  • YACC offers cost-free, web-based programs such as the 24/7 Online Community and Goaltender, a survivor-ship care program; and face-to-face programs such as Survivor Conference, Retreat Yourself, Retreat Yourself Adventure, and Localife to provide people with the support needed to move beyond their cancer experiences and make the rest of their lives the best of their lives.  The money raised through events like the Shave for the Brave funds these programs.
  • Shave for the Brave began in St. John’s in 2006 and has grown to almost 10,000 heads shaved and $2.7M raised to date.
  • People Shave for the Brave in nearly every province across Canada.  Some cities organize Community Shaves; however, people are invited to host their own Shaves at their schools, offices, or on their own.
  • Keyin College has partnered with YACC to support their effort by providing the services of our Hairstylist students to shave heads at schools across Newfoundland!  We have also committed to recruit shavers and raise funds to help support this program.
  • You can learn more about why cancer is different for young adults at the About Us page on the Shave for the Brave website:  http://www.shaveforthebrave.ca/about-us, or by visiting the organization’s main website at http://www.youngadultcancer.ca.