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Great College and Community Spirit!

On Thursday, December 8th, the students of Keyin College in Marystown arrived at the Peninsula Mall bearing an amazing truck full of gifts for this year’s Happy Tree.  This was the culmination of a one month project which was started by the ABE students and quickly spread throughout the college.

Chairperson Geraldine Coady and a delegation of 20 students were bustling with Christmas spirit as they placed the gifts under the tree.  Speaking on behalf of the group, Geraldine stated “Just knowing the joy and happiness our efforts will bring to so many less fortunate children at Christmas makes this all worth while.  I want to thank the entire Keyin family for making this such a success.”

It was a very proud moment for staff and students and a great example of the way Keyin College is involved in the community throughout the year.



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Happy Tree Presentation.jpg