Accounting, Payroll Administrator
PROGRAM DURATION:  63 Weeks Academic | 4 Week Work Term

The objective of this program is to give the student hands-on training in the key areas of financial accounting and payroll, as well as in the implementation and operation of a computerized accounting system.  The practical, rather than the theoretical, is stressed.

The successful graduate will have the necessary skills to keep a set of books, both manually and on a computerized system.

Graduates of this program will meet the academic program requirements to receive Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) Certification issued by the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA).  The certification is nationally recognized as the standard of excellence for payroll training.

The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) offers the only payroll certifications in Canada.

Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) Certification:

The CPA’s PCP certification is the foundation for a career in payroll.  Gain an in-depth understanding of the legislative requirements to keep your organization compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle.  When you get certified, you join a growing community of supportive professionals and gain access to the resources you need to stay current and compliant.

PCP certification requires three core courses, one transfer of credit and one year of weighted, related work experience.  Please see the requirements in completion order listed below:

  1. Payroll Compliance Legislation (PCL)
  2. Payroll Fundamentals 1 (PF1)
  3. Payroll Fundamentals 2 (PF2)
  4. Introduction to Accounting (transfer of credit; offered at post-secondary institutions)
  5. PCP Work Experience Requirement Application (WERA) (a minimum of one year work experience in payroll)

All courses, including Introduction to Accounting, require a passing grade of 65% in order to be accepted toward PCP certification. For more information, visit

In addition, the Accounting, Payroll Administrator program includes the potential for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification at the Expert level in Excel and Word and at the Core level in Access and PowerPoint.

Accounting, Payroll Administrator Courses View
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Accounting
  • Finance
  • Internal Control
  • Intermediate & Management Accounting
  • Computerized Accounting with Sage 50
  • Computerized Accounting with Sage 300
  • Payroll Compliance Legislation
  • Payroll Fundamentals I
  • Payroll Fundamentals II
  • Computer Fundamentals / Keyboarding
  • Internet Communications
  • Presentations
  • Word Processing Level I
  • Word Processing Level II
  • Spreadsheets Level I
  • Spreadsheets Level II
  • Database Management
  • Strategies for Student Success
  • Professional Skills
  • Career Planning & Preparation

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